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Did you know we have a pot design service?

If you love handcrafted items but would like it to reflect your individual requirements or are looking for plant pots that will complement and enhance a specific colour scheme or design, then please let us know. Designs can be created especially for you and reviewed by you before the work begins on the final piece(s). The choice of the combination of designs you want is yours.

Or, review the range of designs on our website, choosing the ones you like and tell us the sizes and quantities and they will made to order exclusively for you.

Recent Commissions

A client who sent a photo of a room decided to go with this design.

red roomRed planter

Another customer wanted pots to blend with a William Morris design wallpaper – this is what was chosen from a selection of 4 ideas.

William morris inspired

A customer asked if we could provide a special birthday gift for her friend who loved ducks. This is what she chose from our designer’s   suggestions – a unique and personalised finish.

duck plant potduck flower pot

Custom designed flower garden pots for a clients garden

Designed flower potsfloral tompot

How does this service work?

We really enjoy doing these commissions. So, if you would like us to provide something for your own taste and decor, please contact us on 07429 123520 to discuss your requirements. 

Or email with images, your ideas, a favourite colour, or theme. We will then be in touch with any questions and to discuss your request in full.

There will be up to a maximum of four suggestions provided before the work begins on the final pieces. The choice of the combination of ideas is yours.

We will then send you a final quote by email.