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What’s gardening pots got do with it?

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What’s gardening pots got do with it?

  • Pipe Cleaners and Starfish
  • Chocolate
  • A Moveable Feast of colour

With climate change on my mind these days because my garden has suffered from wind – blowing over my tall plants, heavy rain leaving my roses decimated and sunshine and hot weather burning parts of the lawn. And so, what’s gardening pots got to do with it? Well as a result, I’m going for a garden makeover with indestructible plants(?) and the help of my son-in- law.

Outdoor plant pot

Pot: Custom designed plant pot for a client.

Evergreens that survived the last couple of years, including my rock garden, and a batch of new pots of flowers creating a moveable feast of colour is planned.  The pots can then be moved by the house or in the shed when the weather has a rapid change and so, will be the basis of my new look L-shaped garden.  And as for the lawn – well, that’s for another day!

Sweerltpea flower pot

Pot: Sweetpea design available here.

Researching the internet, I found what might become my favourite pot plant - the Chocolate Cosmos described as having “velvety bronze-maroon flowers producing a fragrance like the best Belgian chocolates. Perfect for patio pots so you can catch the scent as you pass by.” They can also be overwintered in a frost-free spot – ideal for my Moveable Pot Plan.

Large planters

Pot: Tropical leaf design available here.

If you’re a new gardener, you will probably be advised to walk round your locality to see what grows well, and plant that.  It’s very good advice, but when the weather is unkind – what’s next? There’s a British directory of local independent nurseries on line or you can usually find specialist growers at the various flowers shows and fairs which is where I found some weird and wonderful plants. Even newbies can grow unusual plants and you don’t need the Latin names.

Garden flower pots

Pot: Damask design available here.

I found evergreen plants and succulents suitable for pots that had some memorable names online. Take a look at pebble plants that disguise themselves as stones which will do well in a pot on a sunny windowsill as well. Another that took my eye was Lucky Heart - yes heart shaped leaves - probably the most romantic succulent you can buy – for Valentine’s Day? Others I discovered that I particularly liked were called Rose, Pipe Cleaners, Starfish, Umbrella, etc., These plants are extremely low maintenance when it comes to care, but experts warn us to be careful as “overwatering is death”.

Peony flower pot

Pot: Custom designed plant pot for a client.

August Birth Flowers

Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well.

Gladioli flower

Special Days in August

National Picnic Month

Family Fun Month

Artist Appreciation Month

12 - 18 National Allotment Week

28 - Summer Bank Holiday – England and Wales

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