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What our customers want next

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What our customers want next

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  • Art Deco – French Style
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I’m a trendwatcher! 

According to a “trendy” marketing company it’s all about what your customer wants next. This month the design and decorating magazines have been looking at the most searched for items online…so here are some of the trends.

They say that “Art Deco” decorating ideas are one of the latest trends that have the potential to stay. Art Deco is a French style from the 1920/1930s and the designers are now adding home décor items to modern interiors. Our Black and White Collection of geometric pieces can add these accents without breaking the bank and are some of our most popular designs – and so we’re “trending”.

Another most searched for term is the “70s”.  This included geometric patterns, “pops of colour” and vibrant flowers.  A pop of colour could mean anything, but you could leave your mark on a room by using your favourite colour. In my case colours: Turquoise, Aqua, Teale which were also favoured in the 1970s by home décor designers.

“Tiger” and “animal prints” are also major search terms, apparently, and of course, most people love a furry, fleecy or fuzzy friend.  I seem to opt for the leopard look when it comes to shoes and clothes.  But I don’t fancy my lounge looking like an African safari.  When it comes to home interior objects and ideas from crafters and artisans, I do like animal prints.  My favourites in the Palm Pot and Peony collections include a black and white giraffe framed picture, and tiger striped dish – items that fit in so well with the palm leaf pots, cushions and my gold coloured palm leaf tea light holder that are in my conservatory.

August Birth Flowers

Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well.


Special Days in August

National Picnic Month

Family Fun Month

Artist Appreciation Month

12 - 18 National Allotment Week

28 - Summer Bank Holiday – England and Wales

Best wishes from me and the PPP Crew!

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