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Ways to Welcome in Spring

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  • Spring Weddings and Anniversaries - Gift Ideas in Pictures
  • Pairing of Green and White
  • National Gardening Week
  • May’s Two Zodiac Signs - Thoughtful Presents
  • May Days

Spring Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas in Pictures

These stunning photos show some of our gifts for weddings and anniversaries. They have been created to provide some everlasting memories, to celebrate and to remember the most special of occasions.



Pairing of Green and White

Leaf prints are once again this year’s favourites with the designers. “Bring the outside in” as one decorator stated. But If you don’t want an accent wall with a bold leaf wallpaper you can accessorise your room with leaf print cushions, wall prints and plant pots with fern and palm patterns completing the look.

National Gardening Week

This week it’s the UK biggest celebration of gardening - Monday 29 April - Sunday 5 May 2019. It’s to raise awareness of gardening and encourages people to get out in their gardens to create great outdoor spaces. If you’re needing inspiration - why not treat you and your garden to some fantastic outdoor planters which will instantly give your garden space a makeover.

May’s Two Zodiac Signs

The calendar month of May has the following birthstones - emerald, sapphire, agate, and carnelian. But, May covers the two Zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini and on the internet, there are another 11 additional stones listed. They include coral, turquoise, garnet, amber, rose quartz, white sapphire, pearl, etc, etc.  With all these colours, indoor blooms in a container or pot can provide a thoughtful and considerate gift filled with multi-coloured flowering plants – you probably can’t get it wrong! Therefore, if you’re buying a birthday present there is big choice. However, as in my case, my elderly relative has a favourite – turquoise.


May Days

April 25 – May 5 National Gardening Week         

May 1 - Early May Bank Holiday

May 4 - Star Wars Day

May 8 - World Red Cross Day

May 8 - 15  British Sandwich Week

May 17 - National Bike to Work Day

May 29 - Spring Bank Holiday 

Best wishes from the TV Crew

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