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Spring colours and trends that last ...

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Spring colours and trends that last ...

  • Home Décor trends that last
  • Enjoy giving handcrafted items
  • Unique or limited edition
  • Spring colours
  • Love Colour Names!
  • Days to Celebrate in April and May

Home Décor trends that last

Some home décor trends are popular for years. The designers’ dominant theme for 2019 is for more sustainability and natural materials.

Our terracotta plant pots are handcrafted to be longer lasting for both indoor and outdoor use. The emphasis is also on choosing designs that are classic rather than something you’ll get tired of quickly.  But, should you want something unique to fit in with your interior decoration – use our free Plant Pot Bespoke Design Service and perhaps ask for a matching box.

Enjoy giving handcrafted items and unique or limited edition

I have found it a delight to buy some of the handcrafted and limited-edition products since working for Things Vintage. It has been the tailor-made and sometimes quirky pots that have given the most enjoyment to the recipient – mainly knowing that someone has put their heart and soul into making something special for them.

For Easter I have bought small pastel coloured pots for the children in the family and added a few chocolate mini eggs and a packet of cress seeds.  The cress can be grown on the windowsill and added to their sandwiches – they may not quite be ready for British Sandwich Week in May – but a possibility!

easter egg cups

Spring Colours

Emerald, the birthstone of May, conveys the rich green colour of Spring. They are a symbol of rebirth and love. The birth flower for the month of May is the Lily of The Valley - a perennial with bell-shaped flowers and a beautiful scent.

Love Colour Names!

Whilst researching for this information I also came across a web site that listed names based on colours – these are some of my favourite names for girls -:  Amber, Jade, Marigold, Rose, Ruby, Sienna. Couldn’t find any for the boys – do you know of any?

Celebratory Days in April and May

April 19                 Good Friday

April 21                 Easter Sunday

April 22                 Easter Monday

April 24                 Denim Day

May 1                    May Day

May 8                    World Red Cross Day

May 8 - 15             British Sandwich Week

Best wishes from the TV Crew

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