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Thinking about Spring decorating

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  • A few pots can go along way
  • Dress up a corner
  • Growing Tips
  • Special Days in April and Early May

Thinking About Decorating?

This week I really had to start thinking about spring decorating. The warmer weather and longer days gave me the impetus to bring out the ideas and samples that I’d collected - from pastel paint colours, floral accents, and some wallpaper offcuts.  Not forgetting of course that a few pots can go a long way to get that Spring feeling both indoors and out. 

My favourite quote from the home decorators and designers in the magazines this month is: “Colour is just paint, so if you don’t like it, you can change it.” Starting with antique white on the lounge wall, I’m going to let the home décor pieces bring in the colour.

At Things Vintage our free bespoke plant and flower pot design service allows you to make suggestions and in turn we will provide some ideas to match your décor – from pops of colour to dressing up a corner in your home.

Growing Tips

My research on the internet this week found a novel way of using an ice cream cone wafer as a seed starter.  The cone is placed in a pot and will naturally decompose as the seeds grow.  This is definitely one for the grandchildren to try!

Special Days in April and Early May

April 24               Denim Day

May 1                  May Day

May 8                  World Red Cross Day

May 8 - 15           British Sandwich Week

Best wishes from the TV Crew

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