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Summer Birthday Ideas and Anniversary Gifts

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Summer Birthday Ideas and Anniversary Gifts

Summer Birthday ideas for my brother

My brother, Barry,  has a small shady garden patch, where he mainly plants ferns. It provides a relaxing place to sit on a hot day. I’ve decided to buy some colourful flower pots from the Festival Garden Pot Collection which will definitely brighten up this corner. Here are some summer birthday ideas and anniversary gifts for you...

Birthday present for my niece aged 16

My niece, Anna, loves everything pink so my summer birthday ideas are something pretty in pink and I’ve chosen (also from the handcrafted collection) a beautiful blush pink box decoupaged with a peony flower. It’s perfect for storing knick-knacks, keepsakes and jewellery.

Neighbours Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Anniversary Gifts - Can’t decide between the Prosecco Fund Box or the Live, Laugh, Love Home Décor Sign, or the Make a Wish Bottle, or the Love Scented Candle Holder.

Bespoke Flower Pots

Our pots are made to order so no two will be the same.  We often get questions about making “specials”. Our FAQs have included:

  • Can I buy an extra large terracotta flower pot?
  • Can I suggest a specially designed present for my grandchild like the dinosaurs and unicorns in your collection?
  • Can I have a special colour – I’m looking for a turquoise blue gift?

So, if you have someone in mind and an idea for a handcrafted terracotta pot or wooden box why not send a message to our designer through our Bespoke Design Service. She will get back to you within 24 hours.


This was a custom design we did for a client who loves ducks!

duck bespoke pot

July 2019 Celebrations

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National Ice Cream Month

National Picnic Month

Best wishes from me and the PPP Crew

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