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Searching for the Perfect Christmas Gift

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

  • For someone you don’t know very well
  • Stocking Filler
  • Secret Santa
  • People you don’t see very often
  • Need to impress someone

I’ve come to the conclusion whilst thinking about writing this week’s blog that my search for the perfect Christmas gift will not include food this year!  So, here’s some inspiration based on my 2019 Difficult To Buy For Christmas List.

For someone you don’t know very well

Send a little monochrome style to someone you don’t know very well with this set of 3 black and white leaf design mini plant pots.  Like all our pots, they are made from terracotta, hand painted and decoupaged with a banana leaf print then varnished to seal and waterproof.

For a Stocking Filler

The unicorn has many symbolic meanings including innocence and are considered rare and magical. Our handcrafted rainbow flower pot with a gold unicorn print is a best seller and ideal for a stocking filler.

For the Secret Santa Gift

A popular choice this year at Palm Pot and Peony has been our small cactus pot.  If you need a Secret Santa gift where you work, it’s ideal for a man or woman. Apparently, cactus symbolise endurance and they are a range of plants that can stand up to the test of time and an overheated office!    

For people you don’t see very often

If you want to send a “thank you” Christmas present to someone you don’t see very often, the black feather medium pot will probably fit the bill. It can showcase a plant on a windowsill or shelf and will suit any home décor or garden space. The black feather is a sign of protection from angels. 

Want to impress someone?

The home décor designers and decorators have stated tropical prints are new for 2020. Our palm leaf print therefore is sure to impress. Also the palm is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life. A palm branch was awarded to victorious athletes in ancient Greece. 

December’s Birth Flower and Birthstone

The narcissus is December’s birth flower and represents good wishes, faithfulness and respect. The Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise gemstones are associated with December with blue versions being the most popular.

 Best wishes from the PPP Team.

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