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Reusable Christmas Presents

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Reusable Christmas Presents

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Plants are said to bring Luck, Prosperity, Health and Wealth to your home. Therefore, plants in pots can provide a unique gift at Christmas and can last for some time. Here’s my pick of those that took my eye and of course will look fantastic in our handcrafted terracotta pots which can be reused for years.

Plants and Pots for Christmas

In particular. the Swiss Cheese Plant is an easy to care for plant with unusual leaves. There is a lot to like about this houseplant – it’s said to promote relaxation, grows fast and gives your home some tropical style. There are many other plants also said to “activate Feng Shui Elements” in a room - Palms, the Money Tree. Rubber Plant, Peace Lily, Orchids and Ferns to name a few. Other greenery used in pots, particularly by me, at Christmas are the Ivy, Holly and Mistletoe.  Favourites for colour seem to be the Christmas Cactus, the Cyclamen which blooms for a few weeks, the exotic Amaryllis Lily and the herb Rosemary - I’ve seen a photo where it’s been cut into a pyramid shape to look like a Christmas Tree.

Family Gifts

Flowers and plants in pots are therefore especially welcome gifts around Christmas. They brighten up a room on a cold day as well and compared to more obvious presents like chocolates and biscuits their value might be underestimated in more ways than one - affordable gifts that last for family and friends and maybe also help lessen the stress of Christmas shopping.

November Birth Flower and Birthstone

The November Birth Flower is Chrysanthemums or “mums” as they are more commonly known. They are one of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world. It represents cheerfulness and love.

Topaz is a birthstone that can be of various colours from blue and pink to an intense red/orange. The other stone associated with November is the Citrine found only in orange. They are a symbol of long-lasting friendship.

Best wishes from the PPP Team

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