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Healing Plants and Caring for your plant pots

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Healing plants and caring for your plant pots

Sitting in the Potting Shed at my computer and looking for inspiration for Potted News - I’m reminded we’re in for some much colder weather and hopefully no coughs and colds within the TV Crew. Also, that February’s birthstone, the purple Amethyst, represents protection against general ill-health and drunkenness! So, here’s my thoughts about healing plants and Caring for your plant pots.

Purple pots for February

Healing Plants and Caring for your plant pots
Lotions and potions are made from many plants, flowers and herbs grown in our gardens or on our windowsills here in the UK. They also have a variety of healing and caring properties.  Lavender, mint, spider plant, aloe vera plant, rosemary just to mention a few.

Herbal medicine, or botanical medicine, is based on the use of plants or plant extracts that may be eaten or applied to the skin and has been used for centuries,

There are a lot of guides on the internet that can provide more information including, plants, seeds, growing instructions and medicinal uses as at Things Vintage this sphere of knowledge is not part of our speciality!

Caring for your pots
All pots are hand painted and/or decoupaged in our workshop and in the garden when the weather is good! They do need some loving care, so each pot is sealed and varnished so that they are perfect for both interior and exterior use. Made with love, the artisan handcrafting makes every pot unique and one of a kind, no two will ever be exactly the same. We recommend leaving plants in their plastic container to avoid planting directly into the pot. It will make watering the plant much easier and keep the decorative finish of the pot lasting much longer. They can be hand-washed and/or wipe cleaned.

Caring days in February

2nd  Groundhog Day

5th   Chinese New Year and World Nutella Day (my 2nd favourite)

14th  Valentine’s Day

20th The Boss’s Birthday – my no.1 favourite

Best Wishes from the TV Crew!

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