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Potology at Things Vintage


  • Valentine’s Day
  • Rose in a Spud in a Pot
  • A Glance at Planting Seeds for February
  • February/March Days to Remember

Saint Valentine’s Day – 14 February

Originally a Christian feast day, Valentine’s day, is a meaningful celebration of love and romance in our calendar. Traditionally, a red rosebud given to your Valentine is a symbol of purity, perfection and loveliness and was alluded to way back in Greek and Roman mythology.

love birds

Rose in a Potato in a Pot

We loved this quirky idea found on the internet of growing a rose in a spud in a pot. Here’s the brief instructions:

Cut healthy stems 4 to 6 ins in length – place them in large potatoes 3 to 5 inches deep in compost in your pot(s). Keep the stems slightly moist as they will also receive moisture from the potatoes. Apparently, a couple of months later we will be surprised at what happens. 

We’ll try this after Valentines Day, depending on who’ll receive roses - then photograph our results as soon as we have signs of life, or not!?!

A Glance at Seeds for Planting in February


The garden centres suggest basil, oregano, parsley and dill can be planted indoors on your window sill in February. Apparently, as the weather warms up in Spring the seedlings transplant well into your pots that are on your porches and patios. Basil and parsley won’t survive if there’s a cold patch. Please send any suggestions for our readers by leaving a comment below.


A packet of seeds costs considerably less than buying plants and once again the garden centres suggest starting heliotrope, violas and snapdragons indoors during the month of February. If you are going to move your plant pots outdoors in the Spring, the seedlings need gradual exposure to the outdoor temperatures for a week or two avoiding any chance of frost.

February/March Days to Remember

Here’s more inspiration from our designer for handmade- to-order pots for birthday and anniversary gifts, get well soon pick-me-ups or for a special Thank You present, not forgetting Mother’s Day at the end of March:


February’s colour is the purple Amethyst representing protection against general ill-health and drunkenness!

For March the colour is Aquamarine, a mesmerising colour, which is associated with creativity, hope and self- expression.

february plant pots

Celebratory days for February and March

My favourite day will be Mother’s Day on 31 March  – Flamboyant Flamingo pot please!!

  • 5 February Chinese New Year
  • 9 February National Pizza Day
  • 14 February Valentine’s Day
  • 17 February Random Acts of Kindness
  • 1  March Employee Appreciation Day
  • 5 March Pancake Day
  • 17 March St Patrick’s Day
  • 31 March Mother's Day

tropical plant pot

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