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Pieces with Purpose and Plants that Last

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Pieces with Purpose and Plants that Last

  • De-cluttering Home Décor Items
  • Plants that Last
  • Celebratory Days

De-cluttering Home Décor Items

I’ve been spring cleaning and decided to de-clutter my home decor items that were “squirelled” away in a cupboard and really needed to be sorted out.

Firstly, I decided that it boiled down to two things:

  • those that I use all the time - a group of timeless, essential pieces.
  • those that stay in the back of the cupboard - “unusual” décor trends/colours bought or given as gifts to me over the years.

Secondly, I decreased the decor clutter by eliminating a whole load of stuff that only came out once a year or had just been collecting dust because it didn’t go with anything. 

Home accessoriez

If I could have started a home décor collection all over again, I would never have purchased or asked for birthday presents of trendy things that went out of style within a year.  I know I should stick to classic, treasured objects – famous last words!

Here’s my list of must-have “Pieces with Purpose” :

  • Vases for seasonal fresh flowers and branches, Indoor plants and faux flowers
  • Pots with saucers for indoor plants and herbs
  • Wooden candlesticks and vintage silver coloured ones,
  • Glass votive scented candles

They will be used all year round on just about every table, shelf and windowsill in the house.
I’ll add colour with my long-term favourites - teal and coppery shades.

Home decor gifts

Indoor Pot Plants that Last

Apart from artificial plants and flowers which are hassle free and, by the way, can look so realistic, there are lots of plants that last for ages – sometimes for years. And, growing plants indoors is just as much fun as growing them outdoors.

Plants you can’t kill
i found a site on the Internet that listed 15 indoor plants, stating “easy indoor plants that won’t die on you”.  and picked out 5 from large to small sizes:
  • Rubber Plant
  • Weeping Fig
  • Spider Plant
  • A whole range of Succulents
  • Shamrock with pretty, white flowers
plant pots

    Celebratory days for March

    March 1 St. David’s Day & Employee Appreciation Day
    March 5 Pancake Day
    March 8 International Women’s Day
    March 14 PJ Day
    March 17 St Patrick’s Day
    March 31 Mother's Day
    Best wishes from the TV Crew.

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