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No accounting for taste and it’s free!

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Spring is not so far away, and a few small changes can provide an affordable update to your home décor whether you love elegant and classic or flamboyant and the latest trends - there’s no accounting for taste.

damask accessories

It’s not possible to be right or wrong about personal taste is it?  Look at our Plant Pot Collection and tell me your favourite by entering the style name in the comment box at the end of this blog, e.g. the flamboyant flamingo pot.

Flamingo pineapple tropical pot

If you have an idea – the Things Vintage free Plant Pot Design Service means your thoughts can be created and reviewed by you before the work begins on the final piece(s). The choice of the combination of designs will be unique for you.  Not only will these affordable pieces enliven your décor but when you add your favourite plants, cacti or succulents there’s the added bonus of evergreen plants in your home providing health benefits.

Turquoise home accessories

Here’s a couple of ideas from our designer for special one-off pieces which could be inspiration for your family and friend’s birthday and anniversary gifts.

February’s colour is the purple Amethyst representing protection against general ill-health and drunkenness!
For March the colour is Aquamarine which is associated with creativity, hope and self- expression.

    Last week I said I would include more days to celebrate and my personal favourite for February is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

    January 24          National Compliment Day

    January 25         Have Fun at Work Day

    February 5          Chinese New Year

    February 9          National Pizza Day

    February 14        Valentine’s Day

    February 17        Random Acts of Kindness Day

    February plant pots

    So why not share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – you could make someone

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