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Just Fabulous Things for Mother’s Day!

  • Excited for Ferntastic!
  • Talking of Ferns
  • Mother’s Day
  • Other Celebratory Days in March 

Excited for Ferntastic!

Over the moon this week, as our Palm Leaf Pot, via Amazon Handmade, appeared in The Sun’s magazine – Fabulous.


The article is entitled, FERNTASTIC: turn over a new leaf and embrace the growing botanical trend. One of the UK’s most read women’s magazines, Fabulous, prides itself on “sharp and sassy copy” featuring celebrity interviews, fashion, beauty and interiors.

Needless to say, we have a whole range of botanical home décor products!

Ferntastic botanical theme
Fabulous magazine Palm leaf plant pot

Talking of Ferns

Considered an easy to grow, classy plant, decorative ferns are suitable for indoors and outdoors.

fern plant pots

The garden centres say that many ferns thrive in shaded areas and “add architectural interest planted in bold swathes, scattered through other plantings or a dark corner in your home”.

When finding out about ferns I also came across an English Fern eau de cologne with this wonderful description: “a completely unique, fresh and earthy tonic of a fragrance for men and women. Field-fresh clover, lavender and geranium bed down with woods, patchouli and moss to create a rich, spiced green scent that oozes Englishness”.

Mother’s Day – Sunday 31 March 2019

In ancient times, Greeks and Romans organized festivals to honour the Mother Godesses - Rhea and Cybele. The modern version of Mother's Day, which is widely celebrated around the world, began in 1908 and in the UK is known as Mothering Sunday. 

Typically, we thank the mothers in our family by providing flowers, cards and gifts, but I was unaware that the white carnation symbolises the purity and strength of motherhood.

I looked up the meaning of other colourful carnations: gratitude for pink, admiration for light red, love and affection for deep red.

So, decision made – I’m taking my mother all the colours together with a handmade card and a gift of her choice from Things Vintage.

mothers day gifts

Mum day gifts

Celebratory days for March

March 5 Pancake Day
March 8 International Women’s Day
March 14 PJ Day
March 17 St Patrick’s Day
March 31 Mother's Day

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