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It’s been a Soggy September

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It’s been a Soggy September

  • Eye catching Containers
  • Autumn into Winter
  • Indian Summer
  • Feed the Birds
  • Birthday Reminders
  • October Celebrations

Eye Catching Containers

My garden starts to look a bit drab during October, November and December and, at the moment, can only be described as a Soggy September patch after the rain deluges this week. But to get rid of the winter gardening blues, I shall plant some containers for a show of colour. 

The garden centres suggest potting up heather, ivy and grasses which add interest to an autumn into winter container plus colourful bedding plants, such as violas, pansies, primroses and polyanthus. The display can then be extended by underplanting with spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and crocus. Another display that caught my eye was the combination of what’s known as black dragon grass (Nigrescens) with variegated ivy (Glacier) and a yellow-leaved heuchera ('Key Lime Pie). To give a lift in Spring white crocus bulbs filled the gaps. The experts state that containers are best placed on pot feet to ensure excess water can drain away.

Feed the Birds While You're at It

I have several saucers that I use under my pots for summertime watering and I’ll use these during the winter months to add food left over in my kitchen to feed the birds – apples, bananas, cooked pasta and rice are recommended by the web experts.

Indian Summer

My friend said that we may get an Indian Summer. It’s a name often used to describe a warm, calm spell of weather that occurs especially in October and November.  Apparently, The Met Office first published the definition in 1916.

October Birthday Reminders

The October Birth Flower is the orange marigold also known as Calendula.

The Zodiac Sign for October is Libra and the astrological symbol: Scales. This symbolizes tact, balance, stability out of two forces and sense of justice.

The Birthstone is Opal or Tourmaline

October Celebrations

National Potato Month
National Chicken Month
National Piano Month
National Biscuit Month

October 31 – Halloween – Known as All Hallows Eve and dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints and martyrs

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