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Gorgeous Shades of Grey

Patricia Pascoe

Gorgeous Grey

  • Is Grey here to stay?
  • Revive your pot plants with a simple trick!
  • March and April Celebratory days

Is Grey here to stay?

The magazines and designers, at the moment, are looking at the colour grey - from very pale to almost black. If you’re planning to decorate your home with a shade of grey they suggest adding striking pops of colour from pure white to leafy green, and pastel pink to deep teal.

Mother’s Day grey gifts
Pink home accessories

One of the magazines showed grey with pink and a “hint of mint” stating that “they work brilliantly together because they are all the same tone providing a calming room”.  Another room setting with dark wood furniture used a chalky grey paint with a deep shade of teal as the contrast - this combination gave a beautiful “dramatic look”.

I’ve never thought of using grey, so I looked at the Dulux Paint website where you can download their Visualizer App. This lets you see how a colour comes to life in a room. My favourite shades of grey from their range are Nightingale and Dove which will look gorgeous with teal home décor accessories.

Revive your container and pot plants with a simple trick

I found a very simple idea on the internet this week that, apparently, can quickly improve the look of your plants.  You just need a box of matches.

By burying the head of several matches in the soil around the plant, in a week or so it will recover. The reason is in the head of the match which is made of phosphorus and sulphur. This combination will get rid of any bugs in the soil in a safe and reliable way, and your plant will be able to breathe again. Definitely going to give this a try!

Celebratory Days in March and April

March 17            St Patrick’s Day

March 31            Mother's Day

April 1                 All Fools Day

April 11               National Pet Day

April 21               Easter Sunday

Best wishes from the TV Crew.

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