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Four Birthdays and a Wedding

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Four Birthdays and a Wedding

Timeless Beauty

Bottom of the Garden

No Flowers or Chocolate

Misplaced Glasses

Tying the Knot


June 30th is my friend’s birthday! She said to me yesterday, “I can’t believe it will be the last year of my 40’s. I’ll be 49 years old!”  And so, I’m going to buy a bright and cheery plant pot decorated with the June birth flower – the Rose – a timeless beauty.

Also, this month is my son-in-law’s birthday. I’ve learnt a lot from him especially about BBQs. I haven’t decided what gift I’ll buy yet – but it will be from the Monochrome Collection to put in his Man Cave at the bottom of his garden by the BBQ! Maybe the feather cushions and/or pots or the cactus pot set.


I must admit, most of the time, it's not easy to decide what to get my friend Beryl. Therefore, I’ve changed my approach – no flowers or chocolates this year, but something pretty to put them in –she’ll love the Peony Collection of home décor pieces.

The Palm collection has some mini terracotta pots that the children can give to Grandad on his special day and I could give him the matching box for his glasses as he seems to misplace them at least once a day.


Some friends are tying the knot in July, so it will be easy to buy a wedding gift for them – they’ve already bought some Antique Rose designed pots from the Weddings and Anniversary Collection and so, will buy the matching heart shaped Keepsake Box.

July Birth Flower and Birthstone

The July birth flower is Larkspur, the common name given to the Delphinium This comes from the Latin word for dolphin and apparently resembles the shape of the flowers. Delphiniums signify love and joy as well as remembering loved ones.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and symbolises passion and energy, just like people of the Leo or Cancer star signs of this month.

Celebratory Days – Late June and Early July

June 21                The Summer Solstice - Longest Day of the Year and Prince William’s Birthday

June 24                Midsummer Day

July 5                   Workaholics Day - lots of people on holiday
July 10                 Teddy Bears Picnic Day

July 15                  St. Swithin's Day - tradition says that whatever the weather- rain or shine – it will continue so for the next forty days

July 17                  World Emoji Day

Best wishes from the TV Crew! 

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