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Dream in Colours of the Sea

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Dream in Colours of the Sea

  • Ice Cream and Candy Floss
  • Colours of the sea
  • The Sea Collection of Pots
  • Plants for a garden by the sea

After the heatwave last week, I could only think of ice cream, candy floss, sea and sand – but as I’m writing this the rain is bucketing down and its very windy.  Even so, my summertime selection will remain the same as I search online for the trends emerging,  at the moment.

ice cream colours

Colours of the sea

Firstly, here’s a quote I found “We dream in colours borrowed from the sea”. This expresses the message of the decor pieces for your house and garden our designer, Sara, has created. Three other quotes which I particularly liked are:

  • Let’s be mermaids 
  • Happiness comes in waves 
  • Life is always better at the beach
  • And, another that made me LOL - Beach hair don’t care!

The Sea Collection

Two favourite plant pot designs of mine are Aqua by the Sea and Blue by the Sea. The aqua, turquoise, blues and greens, some with a hint of gold, reminds me that each year as a child the first glimpse of the sea or ocean, wherever we were going, was really exciting.

Plants for a Garden by the Sea

My search online found some very interesting articles concerning plants suitable for coastal gardens.

The Royal Horticultural society states: “Strong, often salt-laden winds present a challenge for planting. Providing windbreaks in the form of hedges or netting will widen the range of plants that can be grown”.  There is a long list of suitable plants. I found a beautiful “evergrey” plant which has large silver leaves and looks stunning with the Palm Pot and Peony Sea Collection colour-ways.

August Birth Flowers

Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well.

Special Days in August

National Picnic Month

12 – 18 National Allotment Week

Best wishes from me and the PPP Crew! 

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