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Create a kids corner - dinosaurs, unicorns and superheroes

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Create a kids corner - dinosaurs, unicorns and superheroes

  • Dinosaur Museum 

  • Unicorn Mythical Den

  • For Budding Gardeners

  • Superheros Call Centre

I searched the internet this week to find out what the trends are for the younger members of our family as we have several birthdays during the summer months.  It seems creating a corner of their bedroom or in the garden shed as a den is popular.  Here are my favourites…

Dinosaur Museum - sanddinosaur toys, brushes and pots (for the archaeological dig!) images of dinosaurs, posters, magnifying glass.

According to a study published in the journal Developmental Research “about one in three young children will develop an interest in any kind of motorized vehicle, but that's followed closely by dinosaurs”.

Unicorn Mythical Den - rainbows and butterfly decorations, a child’s table and chairs, tea party invites, re-useable tea set.

I found this ‘fact’ on-line: Unicorns feed on top of rainbows, and since unicorns can't fly they climb mountains to get to rainbows.  Apparently, the Unicorn typically represents something that is highly desirable but difficult to obtain or find.  It symbolises purity and magical powers.

For Budding Gardeners - Garden Centre - plant pots, seed packets, trowels, lollipop sticks to create labels and signs, artificial flowers.

Planting and caring for plants such as strange and unusual cacti and succulents as well as colourful houseplants can also keep kids busy and amused on wet days.

Superhero Call Centre - toy phones, maps, pens and pencils, superhero masks and/or cloaks. Comic books, of course, are great sources of items to choose.

Superman and Wonder Woman seem to be favourites in our household.

If you have an idea for a pot or box for the youngsters in your family just send us a message – we are only too happy to provide a bespoke, handcrafted gift – we will get back to you swiftly to discuss the possibilities.

July Birth Flower and Birthstone

The July birth flower is Larkspur, the common name given to the Delphinium This comes from the Latin word for dolphin and apparently resembles the shape of the flowers. Delphiniums signify love and joy as well as remembering loved ones.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and symbolises passion and energy, just like people of the Leo or Cancer star signs of this month.

Celebratory Days - Early July

July 5                     Workaholics Day - lots of people on holiday
July 10                   Teddy Bears Picnic Day

July 15                   St. Swithin's Day - tradition says that whatever the weather- rain or shine – it will continue so for the next forty days

July 17                   World Emoji Day

Best wishes from the PPP Crew!


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