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Memories for the Bride and Groom

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Memories for the Bride and Groom

  • Capture Memories for the Bride and Groom 
  • Stylish Foliage 
  • The trendy succulent 
  • New Home Owners Day 
  • House Warming Party 
  • May Days 

Wedding gifts for the bride and groom

April, May and June are often known as “the season of love”. And so, if you’re wishing a lifetime of happiness to a new couple or celebrating years of your own, like me, a keepsake box to capture much loved memories is an ideal choice for a special gift.

Stylish Foliage

Indoor gardening can be a main hobby for plant lovers and, apparently, it’s not always about the blooms. Gardening professionals say, “If you want a feeling of tranquillity and harmony consider using foliage plants”. 

Available all year-round, the trendy succulent seems to have taken over.  Florists are embellishing wedding bouquets and table centrepieces by including succulents of all styles, shapes or shades. Providing a stunning finishing touch, they are heat-resistant, easy to maintain and durable, so they work for a stylish affair to a rural wedding.

New Home Owners Day

On the first of May, apparently it was New Home Owners Day in the USA.  In the UK it seems traditional for the new owner to hold a house warming party. Originally, these parties used to be literally that - you’d light a fire in your hearth to warm the home and “bring the life and light of family into it”.  I’ve been invited to a House Warming Party at the end of May for “drinks” with a couple who have just flown the nest “. Needless to say, I will take a Things Vintage plant pot as a gift to brighten up their very own “home sweet home”.

May Days

May 8th - World Red Cross Day
May 8th to 15th - British Sandwich Week
May 17th - National Bike to Work Day
May 27th - Spring Bank Holiday

Best wishes from the TV Crew

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