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Black Magic & Under the Sea

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Black Magic Under the Sea

  • Dramatic, but Magical
  • Decorate with March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Natural Air Freshener
  • Celebratory Days

Dramatic, but Magical 

The Home Décor designers are writing about “lashings of decadence and drama” this week.

The Creative Director at Dulux explained that, “Something magical happens when you paint walls black.  The delicious contrast between lighter objects against a dark background emphasises unique qualities in materials and the finer details you might have missed in a light-filled colourful space. And even if you’re not ready for floor-to-ceiling black, small dabs can add definition.”

Black magic

Paint expert Annie Sloan explains: “It’s not true that small rooms must be painted white to make the space look bigger: a similar impact can be created with black, which gives the space more depth as the colour subtly changes throughout the day. ‘Pale colours will emphasise the light in the room, but dark colours will blur corners and edges, creating the illusion of space.”

black plant pots

Decorate with March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine

Did you know that March has a really lovely birthstone? The designers say that Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue-green that adds “cool beachy tones and an under-the-sea style to your décor”.

The New York Times, a little while ago, said,  “If you’re a major aquamarine lover, go ahead and use all the wallpaper, furniture, and paint you can find.”

Aqua home accessories

There are some eye-catching items from Things Vintage which provide a great way to incorporate aquamarine into your home and will give a stunning contrast to black.

Calm colours

A Natural Air Freshener

One source I found on the internet stated: Peace Lily, Fig, Aloe Vera, Parlour Palm are some of many plants that are suitable for the bedroom to help you breathe (and sleep) better and are considered a natural air freshener.

According to some other information I found, these plants are shown to remove harmful toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde which are common in modern furnishings.

botanical pots

And, needless to say, we can help provide you with a plant pot to match your décor. Just use the Things Vintage free design service and send your requirements to our designer, Sara, who will provide up to four ideas.

Celebratory days for March

March 1 St. David’s Day & Employee Appreciation Day

March 5 Pancake Day

March 8 International Women’s Day

March 14 PJ Day

March 17 St Patrick’s Day

March 31 Mother's Day

Best wishes from the TV Crew.

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