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Wild at Heart

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Wild at Heart

  • Animal Prints
  • Exotic Appeal
  • Orchids and Palms
  • Safari and Elephants
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Wild at Heart Pot and Box Project
This year climate change has been on our minds a lot - causing havoc for wildlife and plant life, putting lives at risk and more recently the devastating fires.  And so, for 2020 we decided to put together some designs that reflected our thoughts and caring wishes for all those affected. We’ve called it our Wild at Heart Pot and Box Project.

Animal Prints
The designers and decorators seem to use wild animal faux prints that never seem to go out of style and will always be on trend - from graphic tiger stripes to cheetah spots to zebra rugs and leopard-print daybeds! They display them in rustic or glamorous homes as well as art deco or contemporary spaces. One home décor designer said, “Even the most mild-mannered person can benefit from the occasional walk on the wild side—so it is in life and in interiors."

Exotic Appeal
Providing some exotic appeal another very popular theme in home décor has been tropical and jungle designs and many of our favourites in this last year have been from our Tropical and Palm Collection. This year we’ve added orchids and palms, safari and elephants, plus more tropical and palm leaf pots and boxes.

Made to order
You may not be aware that our re-useable terracotta pots and saucers are sourced from Europe, mainly France, Spain and Italy. All our pots, saucers and wooden boxes are made to order – only our original design is photographed and then kept and offered at our twice a year sales.

January Flower of the month
The birth flower for the month of January is the carnation although the snowdrop is listed as an alternative. The carnation represents love.
Birthstone of the month
The birthstone for January babies is the garnet. The name is derived from the Latin “granatum” meaning “pomegranate” because the crystals resemble the fruit’s red colour and seed-like form.

Special Days in February
2nd        Groundhog Day
5th         Chinese New Year and World Nutella Day (my 2nd favourite)
14th       Valentine’s Day
20th       The Boss’s Birthday – my favourite

Best Wishes from the PPP Crew

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