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The Birthday Gift Challenge
What to Plant in your Pots in June
Space to Grow - not a Problem
Oasis of Plants


The Birthday Gift Challenge
Buying birthday gifts for the older members of our family has been quite challenging this year. It seems they already have most, if not all of the things they want.  The gift needs personal meaning or at least be a bit creative. So if you’re looking for something unique our hand decoupaged plant pots, flower containers, treasure and keepsake boxes could be the answer. From pastel shades, English garden plants to on-trend tropical prints.


What to Plant in your Pots in June
The garden centres suggest a whole array of herbs and vegetables that you can plant in your pots in June. I’ve chosen the following because they are very easy!! Basil is apparently super easy to grow because it thrives indoors as well. Beans are also low maintenance veggies that you can plant almost whenever and wherever and beets are a root vegetable that don't require much care or maintenance.


Space to Grow – not a problem
I checked on the internet to check where best to grow veg and herbs in pots. When it comes to growing vegetables space need not be a problem. Any small sunny deck, patio, backyard or balcony has the potential to produce a tasty and healthy crop. Salads and herbs will be fine in smaller pots. And don’t forget that windowsill! Many salad leaves, radishes, spring onions and herbs are perfect for this. And finally, watering is extremely important - keep well watered. The gardeners also suggest adding slow release fertiliser added to the compost before planting.


Oasis of Plants
The designers stated, "Our homes continue to be an oasis of plants, as the trend for bringing nature into our homes grows and grows. Palm prints are the key motif throughout whether real or as part of a fabric or wallpaper design". Palm Pot and Peony has followed this theme for some time and so we are delighted that the decorators continue to set this trend.


June and July Birthstones and Birth Month Flowers

Pearls have an enduring appeal for jewellery and are June's Birthstone. The Rose is the flower for the month and has several meanings. 

The Ruby, birthstone for July, is among the most highly prized of gemstones. Large rubies are harder to find than large diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.

The July birth flower is the blue larkspur. Each colour variation of the larkspur has a different meaning, but generally, indicates strong bonds of love

Celebratory Days July
July 1 International Joke Day

July 2 World UFO Day

July 3 International Plastic Bag Free Day

Keep Safe
Best wishes from the PPP Crew

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