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Red as an Accent Colour

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Red as an Accent Colour

  • The Meaning of the Colour Red
  • Why Red is the Oldest Colour
  • Romantic Red

Red as an Accent Colour

Red as an accent colour is considered a decorating go-to – on the internet I found scarlet tiles providing a pop of colour in an all-white kitchen; a bedroom with red floral accents, a bathroom with classic Zebra wallpaper with crimson shades of red. A scarlet red painted backdrop wall with white built-in shelves dressed with golden ornaments and vases balanced by red highlights including lampshades throughout the room.  Rooms were decorated in various shades of red called - Cherry Vanilla, Pepper Red, Ruby Taffeta, etc.

The Meaning of the Colour Red

Searching the web, I found that red is said to be the colour of passion and action and signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. And, of course expresses love as used on Valentines Day and, seemingly, increases the craving for food! 

Why Red is the Oldest Colour

Apparently red is considered the oldest colour as it was found in cave paintings about 17,000 ago. In Roman times red was the colour of the god of war – Mars. Gladiators wore red and Roman brides wore red shawls

Romantic Red

The designers and decorators state that “the senses are caressed by this bold, striking colour”; ”red is sophisticated, sexy and sharp” ; “it’s a tone that shines with passion and sensuality”; “ romantic red gives off warmth and a noticeable vibe”.


March Flowers of the Month

The March birth flower is the Daffodil and brings with it the promise of gardening and warmer sunny days

Birthstone of the month of March

Aquamarine and bloodstone are March’s two birthstones. They are very different but share the reputation of protecting our well-being. The aquamarine birthstone evokes colours of the sea. From deep green/blue to light, slightly greenish blue it symbolises purity of spirit and soul. The bloodstone birthstone is typically dark-green and contains red spots - the “blood” that brings health and strength to the wearer. 

Special Days in March

6 National Dentists Day
8 Daylight Saving Day
12 Plant a Flower Day
14 Good Samaritans Day
Best wishes from the PPP Team

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