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Not just a Garden Room - A She Shed

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A She Shed
It doesn’t take much in the way of interior design when it comes to a She Shed.  You can create a nice living space with a comfy chair and cushions, a coffee table, some plant pots on the window sills and a good book. If you need a bit of privacy this is another reason to have a she shed as even the closest couples and families need time for themselves and this is a way to get it.

Indoor Flowering Plants
If you want a comfortable place to wind down, which is warm on a cold day in order to organise your gardening items or nurture some indoor flowering plants, or grow some vegetables from seed, you’re going to want your own space.  For me, I love starting herbs indoors from seed and caring for them. I have 10 mint plants and 15 rosemary seedlings at present – and there would have been so many more – but I ran out of window sill space.

Crafting Hobbies
Crafting has gained loads of popularity these days, so having your own craft room to work in is often important. You probably have a lot of paints, brushes and canvas or make cards and need die cutting machines, papers and embellishments which can get scattered all over the house.  I am really keen to have built-in shelves and a work-table ready and waiting to be used rather than setting up in the dining room.


Sunroom She Shed
And finally, if you like to sew, knit or embroider you know how much space your materials can take up. Also, you will need somewhere to spread out and measure your fabric and so a Sunroom She Shed in the garden will give you natural light required. And, of course, not forgetting boxes for all the sewing bits and pieces which are available from PPP. 

August Birth Flower and Birthstone
Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well. The green gem, Peridot, is the birthstone for August. Before it became the August gemstone, it was the main zodiac stone for Libra which falls partly in the month following August. 

Special Celebrations in August 
National Picnic Month 
Family Fun Month 
Artist Appreciation Month 
Best wishes and Stay Safe from me and the PPP Crew!

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