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Singing and Talking to Your Plants

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Singing and Talking to Your Plants, Coming up Roses, Trend Watching, and a Surprise Arrival of Lilac

Antique RoseSinging to plants

Singing and Talking to your Plants

Many ideas have been developed over centuries about the most successful way to nurture plants. One particularly common idea is that singing to plants can help them grow. I found an article on the internet this week from the Royal Horticultural Society. It seems that their researchers discovered “talking to your plants really can help them grow faster”. It also appears the sound of a female voice rather than the sound of a male voice makes them grow quicker. Another study, which made me laugh out loud, is where they experimented with different sound levels by trying to determine whether plants responded to compliments or insults!!

Flowers and MusicBlue bird

Trend Watching
According to a “trendy” marketing company it’s all about what your customer wants next. So here are some of the trends I noticed from the Spring/Summer and now the Autumn/Winter Catwalk Shows. 

Coming up Roses
Roses were definitely the major floral pattern at Spring/ Summer 2020 fashion shows. The rose has a lot of symbolic importance.  Known as the “queen of all flowers” it represents romance, mystique, and femininity. It also happens to be the national flower of the United States. 


A Surprise Arrival of Lilac
The Autumn Winter trends for 2020/21 in the fashion industry appear to be toffee, tangerine, white, polka dots, jewel tones as well as flower patterns. There is also what they call a “surprise arrival of lilac”.  Therefore, as we are still “at home” I’m going to sort out my winter clothes and decide what to keep. 


August Birth Flowers and Birthstone

Green Red

Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well.
Peridot is the birthstone for August. Before it became the August gemstone, peridot was the main zodiac stone for Libra which falls partly in the month following August. 

Special Celebrations in August
National Picnic Month
Family Fun Month
Artist Appreciation Month


Best wishes and Stay Safe from me and the PPP Crew!

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