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The Basics of Growing Ferns in Containers

Talking of Ferns

Get your Green Finger Fix

June Birth Flower and Birthstone

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  • The Basics of Growing Ferns
  • Ferns can reach 12 inches to 6 feet tall, depending on the type and growing conditions. The garden centres state that they prefer rich, humus-filled soil. They suggest: "mix compost into planting holes and cover them annually with 2 inches of composted oak leaves or other organic mulch to keep them fed and moistened".

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  • Talking of Ferns
  • Apparently, ferns are one of the oldest types of plants in existence, dating back over 350 million years! They are one of the most popular types of plants used for shaded areas, as they thrive in low light conditions, bringing much-needed greenery and life to dark and dull corners of both gardens and homes.

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  • Your Green Finger Fix
  • Growing ferns in containers will add a new dimension to your plantings, say the garden centres. While flowers are eye-catching, they come and go. "It is ferns and foliage with their endless shapes, colours, and textures that are the real backbone of container gardens" said one expert online.
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  • Another website I visited said, "By examining ferns for the beauty of their leaves, interesting texture, and various colourings, you will find yourself drawn to this wonderful genre of plant life". It seems that many gardeners have heard that ferns are delicate and hard to grow.  But apparently there are over 12,000 varieties ranging from tiny plants to full grown trees. A lot of them are so hardy you couldn’t kill them if you tried. They have been around since the age of dinosaurs, which gives you an idea of their survival instincts.

  • June Birthstone and Birth Month Flower
    Pearls have an enduring appeal for jewellery and are June's Birthstone. The Rose is the flower for the month and has several meanings. The Pink Rose symbolises 'perfect happiness' and the Red Rose means 'I love you'. A white rose signifies innocence, purity and new beginnings
    Celebratory Days June

    June 7                   National Volunteers Week
    June 8                  The Queen’s Birthday
    June 21                 Father’s Day
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