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In Between Seasons

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In Between Seasons

  • A Pretty Little Hint of Spring
  • Adding Fresh Colours
  • Our Climate Change Project

In Between Seasons

Up to the beginning of April, I find that we see lots of home décor ideas. Valentine’s Day, then St. Patrick’s Day and then Easter – very endearing and adorable designs - hearts, clover, eggs and bunny rabbits, of course. But if like me you don’t really like obvious themes, or it is past Valentine’s Day and maybe too early for Easter, or you’re not Irish and don’t fancy decorating with four leaf clovers, then you're not one for the in between seasons decorating. 

I buy things that I love all year and then move things around to make them feel new by adding new plants, cacti or start some seeds in my collection of pots. When I get a room the way I like it I don’t want to change it! Even when I do decorate for a specific event it will likely be subtle – a heart or two for Valentine’s Day may find its way on to the mantelpiece or a few chocolate eggs for the children added to a plant pot as a gift. 

A Pretty Little Hint of Spring

I love buying home decorating magazines, but for some reason, however, other than decorating for Christmas I generally add some seasonal plants for winter, spring and summer because when I love a home décor piece I don’t mind looking at it all year.

I like adding a pretty little hint of Spring. Some branches, a few Spring flowers and plants – simple and neutral. But about this time of year I start wanting a little bit more life, which for me will probably mean some spring greens and bright fresh colours. My Spring update may well be a surprise for me over the next week or so as I don’t really plan out my décor it seems to happen as new designs from Palm Pot and Peony become available.

Our Climate Change Project

Like most people climate change has been on our minds a lot - causing havoc for wildlife and plant life, putting lives at risk and more recently the devastating fires.  And so, for 2020 we decided to put together some designs that reflected our thoughts and caring wishes for all those affected. You may not be aware that our re-useable terracotta pots and saucers are sourced from Europe, mainly France, Spain and Italy. All our pots, saucers and wooden boxes are made to order – only our original design is photographed and then kept and offered at our twice a year sales. The designs include Animal Prints, Exotic Appeal, Orchids and Palms, Safari and Elephants – Look out for further additions to this Project.

February Flowers of the month

The birth flowers for the month of February are the violet and the primrose. The Violet signifies watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness. Give a violet to someone to let them know you’ll always be there for them. The Primrose lets someone know you can’t live without them.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February

Special Days in February

14th       Valentine’s Day
20th       The Boss’s Birthday – my favourite
World Thinking Day is celebrated on 22nd February each year by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from around the world. During the service wreaths are laid on the Baden-Powell memorial stone in the Nave of Westminster Abbey.
Best Wishes from the PPP Crew

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