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Some Growing Tips -Sow Seeds in Pots

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Some Growing Tips -Sow Seeds in Pot

  • Edible seeds to grow with kids
  • A novel seed starter
  • Birthday Gift Ideas for April 

Edible Seeds to Grow with Kids

There are so many different varieties of vegetable seeds that are easy to grow. Firstly, there’s a whole range of lettuce the children can choose from. But I think a mixed pack of lettuce seeds is ideal.  Mustard or Cress Seeds – ideal for growing indoors are some of the easiest seeds to propagate and apparently you don’t even need soil. Beans – with such an assortment to choose from that grow quickly. They are considered perfect for some early “experiments” like growing in glass jars to see what happens. I'm buying a Unicorn and Dinosaur pot for my two grandchildren plus a matching box for the seed packets (to save some of the seeds for later).

A Novel Seed Starter

My research this week found a novel way of using an ice cream cone wafer as a seed starter.  The cone is placed in a pot and will naturally decompose as the seeds grow. Another clever tip is to regrow green onions in an empty egg carton. The egg container is turned upside down and a small hole is pierced in each section. Then the ends of the green onions pushed through gently. The article said to ensure there is water in the bottom and “watch them grow overnight!!"   This is definitely one for the grandchildren to try..


Some Growing Tips - Vegetables in Pots

There are some vegetables that grow easily in pots. The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) web site has a very informative section on growing vegetables in containers and pots. They suggest: Tomatoes, French beans, Herbs, Radishes, Rocket, Chillies & Peppers,  Salad onions. I also found a really useful tip on the internet which said: “The productivity of a garden pot improves when you add a small trellis for support allowing your plants to use the vertical space.”  The garden centres suggest planting herbs such as oregano, parsley and dill which can be planted indoors on your window sill in March. Apparently, as the weather warms up in Spring the seedlings transplant well into your pots that are on your porches and patios. They say that basil and parsley won’t survive if there’s a cold patch.

April Birthday Ideas - New for 2020

The April birthstone, diamond, is considered a symbol of everlasting love and is thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and inner strength. A diamond, apparently, has even more benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance.

Daisies and sweet peas are the flowers for April 

Celebratory Days in April
April 1 - All Fools Day
April 10 - Easter Sunday
April 11 - National Pet Day
April 24 - Denim Day
Best wishes from the PPP Crew.

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