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Using Floral Prints  Go Slightly Abstract   Plants Purify the Air   August Birth Flower and Birthstone

Blue BirdFlamingo

Using Floral Prints
Even the professional interior decorators consider using floral prints can sometimes be an overwhelming task.  One designer said, “you basically have two ways to go about it: big and bold for a statement look or smaller flowers for a more accented look”.  A large, bold print using wallpaper is a style that is often used to decorate one wall and “should have close-ups of big, detailed flowers”.  Not my cup of tea in my country cottage - I have a set of Antique Rose Pots, and Peony Pots and some pretty cushions.

Go Slightly Abstract
I have purchased, floral bedspreads, wallpaper with small prints and vases over the years - changing them regularly as the professionals bring in new items.  Older country homes were known for having small, natural flower prints and the designers now suggest that we go slightly abstract. They advise going for accent items like cushions and vases and of course flower and plant pots.

Plants Purify the Air
Whilst writing these blogs for Palm Pot and Peony I have come to know that adding plants to your pots can purify the air.  The experts state "plants are considered natural humidifiers and can reduce the levels of airborne toxins, are linked to better health and therefore affect our wellbeing".  More research on plants and immunity has been carried out recently because of the coronavirus in three key ways – improving respiratory health, speeding up recovery times and increasing what’s known as NK (natural killer cells) in the body.

Here are 3 plants that I particularly like and found on the internet - to purify the air or humidify the air – the Lace Fern. A plant that helps you relax - the Maidenhair Fern.  And yes, apparently plants that “supercharge your mood” – my favourite being the Bird of Paradise Plant.

Lace FernBird of ParadiseAsparagus Fern
August Birth Flower and Birthstone
Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well. The green gem, Peridot, is the birthstone for August. Before it became the August gemstone, it was the main zodiac stone for Libra which falls partly in the month following August. 

Special Celebrations in August 
National Picnic Month 
Family Fun Month 
Artist Appreciation Month 
Best wishes and Stay Safe from me and the PPP Crew!

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