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Funding a Garden Makeover

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   Funding the Makeover  Landscaping the Garden  
Handpainted - Decoupaged - Varnished 


Funding the Garden Makeover
During the pandemic I have been carrying out some necessary home improvements – like landscaping the garden = less maintenance.  Weeding the flower beds or cutting the overgrown shrubs and trees and mowing the lawn is no longer a pleasure but a chore as I have found out recently. 

And as for the cracks in the patio and the constant spraying of weeds – it's one of those jobs that need a trip to the garden centre to decide what is the best product.

I want a well looked after look with easy to keep colourful flowers in pretty terracotta pots. And this week learnt all about Equity Release on my home and now have  a way to fund all of the changes.

Landscaping the Garden


Handpainted - Decoupaged - Varnished 

All pots are hand painted and/or decoupaged in our workshop and in the garden when the weather is good!
The terracotta pots are available in three sizes and perfect for your balcony, garden and large palm plants  - measurements and prices are:
  1. Height 17cm - diameter 14cm TOM POT = £28.00
  2. Height 17cm - diameter 21cm = £30.00 and with saucer £33.00
  3. Height 21cm - diameter 23cm = £35.00 and with saucer £41.00

If you would like a pot in a different design please email:

Each pot is sealed and varnished so that the pots are perfect for both interior and exterior use. Ideal for brightening up your garden.

Artisan handcrafting makes every pot unique and one of a kind, no two will ever be exactly the same. Our pots will always coordinate with other items and pots we have in the Collections.


We recommend leaving plants in their plastic pot container and avoid planting directly into the pot. It will make watering the plant much easier and keep the decorative finish of the pot lasting much longer. Our pots can be hand-washed and/or wipe cleaned.

We can customise pots to any design, colour and size. Therefore please contact us should you have something in mind or would like one of our current pots in the collection in a different size.

August Birth Flower and Birthstone

Gladioli is the flower for those born in August. It’s also known as the Sword Flower. The Poppy is often used as a birth flower as well. The green gem, Peridot, is the birthstone for August. Before it became the August gemstone, it was the main zodiac stone for Libra which falls partly in the month following August. 

Special Celebrations in August 
National Picnic Month 
Family Fun Month 
Artist Appreciation Month 
Best wishes and Stay Safe from me and the PPP Crew!


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