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2020 Luxury, Classic Blue and Eco Design

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2020 Luxury, Classic Blue and Eco Design

  • Laid-Back Luxe

  • Classic Blue for 2020 from Pantone

  • Eco Conscious Design


The designers and decorators are showing what’s been called “laid-back luxe looks” for our living rooms which feature sculptural lamps and statement velvet furniture. Living room, front room, lounge or sitting room – whatever you call it “there’s always room for a bit of luxury” they say.  The most popular name is the living room closely followed by the lounge. One curator of a museum states: 'The main communal space of the home has been popularly called the living room or lounge since the 1930s. Previously it was often called the parlour or drawing room, while up until the mid-1600s, it was known as the hall.” Here’s Palm Pot and Peony’s interpretation of ideas for adding some luxury looks.


Pantone is a company that forecasts colour trends. A panel of designers, artists, journalists and architects look at “what’s happening in the world and the impact of the colours in our homes and clothing can have on our wellbeing,” they say. For 2020 they have named the colour Classic Blue and it is considered an unexpected choice. “While 2019 was a story of energy, 2020 lowers the tempo with a shade that “brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit, offering refuge," says Pantone.  At Palm Pot and Peony our blue and white damask design pot reflects this new colour as well as bringing some timeless elegance.


According to one source I found on the internet, this concept of eco conscious design was introduced in 1960 when environmentalism was emerging.  It was described as “respecting nature and the inherent worth of other beings”  I read some quite thought provoking information.  We have therefore tried to take some of the simpler ideas and created a group of products.which provide some of these ideas.


Our Wild at Heart Pot and Box Project came about in January as like most people climate change has been on our minds a lot - causing havoc for wildlife and plant life, putting lives at risk and more recently the devastating fires.  And so, for 2020 we decided to put together some designs that reflected our thoughts and caring wishes for all those affected. You may not be aware that our re-useable terracotta pots and saucers are sourced from Europe, mainly France, Spain and Italy. All our pots, saucers and wooden boxes are made to order – only our original design is photographed and then kept and offered at our twice a year sales. The designs include Animal Prints, Exotic Appeal, Orchids and Palms, Safari and Elephants – Look out for further additions to this Project.

February Flower and Birthstone of the month

The February Birth Flower is the Violet which symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and chastity..

The velvet purple colour of Amethyst is the birth stone but is also a gemstone to celebrate 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Special Days in February

2nd        Groundhog Day
5th         Chinese New Year and World Nutella Day (my 2nd favourite)
14th       Valentine’s Day
20th       The Boss’s Birthday – my favourite

Best Wishes from the PPP Crew

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