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A Rainbow of Colours

Brighten up the Monotony

Al Fresco Socially Distanced Parties

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A Rainbow of Colours

When the sun is shining and its raining at the same time a rainbow sometimes appears - a vast arch of 7 colours in the sky.  The sun's light is "white", but the water droplets break it up into seven different colours, always in this order Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.  The Rainbow is now an emblem which will always be remembered for the bravery and sacrifice made by the NHS staff during 2020 and we at PPP are extremely grateful in more ways than one.

Al Fresco Socially Distanced Parties

But when the pandemic hit and took away the enjoyment of dining out in our favourite restaurants, the decorative trend saw a huge resurgence – as multitudes sought a way to brighten the monotony by taking up gardening for home grown vegetables and flowers. And now, as the lockdown begins to ease, there is one trend that may have more permanency than just another meal at home. Particularly as we are transitioning into the summer months - a pot of green or flowering plants will help lift al-fresco parties and socially distanced picnics into a far more special affair. 

Adorning Tables

The concept of adorning tables is nothing new, having been popularised in the 18th century by aristocrats seeking to impress dinner guests with their displays. When not in use, dishes would be prominently displayed in both upper and middle class families.  The material of the dishes said much about a family particularly Blue Delftware and Wedgewood. Here’s PPP’s nod to this era.

This week's New Design for June 2020 - Leopard in the Jungle

These stunning terracotta pots and keepsake box have been hand-painted black and decoupaged with a leopard in the jungle print, varnished to seal and waterproof. Perfect for indoors or outdoors.
June Birthstone and Birth Month Flower 
Pearls have an enduring appeal for jewellery and are June's Birthstone. The Rose is the flower for the month and has several meanings. The Pink Rose symbolises 'perfect happiness' and the Red Rose means 'I love you'. A white rose signifies innocence, purity and new beginnings
Celebratory Days June
June 18   Cupcake Day
June 21    Father’s Day
June 21    World Giraffe Day
June 21     Make Music Day

Keep Safe
Best wishes from the PPP Crew

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