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An affordable update to your home decor

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An affordable update to your home decor

A few small changes to home décor

There's no accounting for taste

Choose your Own Plant Pot Collection

June Birthstone and Birth Flower

A few small changes can provide an affordable update to your home décor we have a great range of our designers ideas - whether you love elegant and classic or flamboyant and the latest trends - there’s no accounting for taste.


Choose Your Own Plant Pot Collection

It’s not possible to be right or wrong about personal taste is it?  Look at our Plant Pot Collections by colour and tell me your favourite by entering the style name in the comment box at the end of this blog, e.g. the flamboyant flamingo pot.




 The choice of the combination of designs will be unique for you.  Not only will these affordable pieces enliven your décor but when you add your favourite plants, cacti or succulents there’s the added bonus of evergreen plants in your home providing health benefits.
Here’s some more ideas from our designer. These one-off pieces could be inspiration for your family and friend’s birthday and anniversary gifts.                  


Timeless Beauty

June 30th is my friend’s birthday! She said to me yesterday, “I can’t believe it will be the last year of my 40’s. I’ll be 49 years old!”  And so, I’m going to buy her a bright and cheery plant pot decorated with the June birth flower – the Rose – a timeless beauty.

Misplaced Glasses

The Palm collection has some mini terracotta pots that the children can give to Grandad on his special day and I could give him the matching box for his glasses as he seems to misplace them at least once a day.

Monochrome Collection
Also, this month is my son-in-law’s birthday. I’ve learnt a lot from him especially about BBQs. I haven’t decided what gift I’ll buy yet – but it will be from the Monochrome Collection to put in his Man Cave at the bottom of his garden by the BBQ! Maybe the feather cushions and/or pots or the cactus pot set, or ???

June Birthstone and Birth Month Flower
Pearls have an enduring appeal for jewellery and are June's Birthstone. The Rose is the flower for the month and has several meanings. The Pink Rose symbolises 'perfect happiness' and the Red Rose means 'I love you'. A white rose signifies innocence, purity and new beginnings
Celebratory Days June

June 7                   National Volunteers Week
June 8                  The Queen’s Birthday
June 21                 Father’s Day
Keep Safe
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