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A Tropical Feeling

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A Tropical Feeling

  • Palm Tree Home Decor
  • Stylish Foliage
  • The Trendy Succulent
  • May Celebration Days

Palm Tree Home Decor

Tropical trends have been predicted again this summer. So, as we’re probably unable to take a  break this year, why not bring out that tropical feeling at home. A simple change with some palm leaf decor mixed in to your home, or as a birthday gift for you, your friends and family.

A Tropical Twist

A tropical twist with cushions, pots for small palm trees and house plants is a botanical trend which is far from being another summer fad. Last year Pinterest revealed  that searches for palm leaf prints included pretty much every furnishing from wallpapers, cushions, wall art etc., rose 135 %. Therefore, if your home has been taken over with these rich green colours here’s some new additions to this theme from PPP.

Stylish Foliage

Indoor gardening can be a main hobby for plant lovers and, apparently, it’s not always about the blooms. Gardening professionals say, “If you want a feeling of tranquility and harmony consider using foliage plants in your posts and containers”.  


The Trendy Succulent

Available all year-round, the fashionable succulent seems to have taken over with so many styles, shapes and shades. This stylish foliage can provide a finishing touch, and an added bonus is that they are heat-resistant, easy to maintain and durable.


 May Birthstone

Emerald, the birthstone of May, carries the rich green colour of Spring and radiates a beautiful vivid tone. They are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Emeralds are the rarest gemstones and are typically mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia..

May Birth Flowers

Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness, humility, and motherhood. They're an especially fitting gift for your mother on her birthday! The hawthorn flower is also considered May's birthday flower. It's a small white or pink flower that can be seen blooming on a bush during the month..
May Celebration Days

Early May Bank Holiday: Friday 8 May. 
May 8                   World Red Cross Day
May 8 - 15           British Sandwich Week
Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 25 May.

Wherever you are, we at PPP hope you and your family are well. 
Keep safe
Best wishes from the PPP Crew.

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